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Fongei Industry
Founded in 1975, Fongei Industry Co., Ltd. is a highly reputed manufacturer of chip conveyors. Fongei chip conveyors have been supplied to the majority of domestic machine tool manufacturers.

Thanks to excellent quality and competitive pricing, Fongei products have occupied over 80% of the domestic chip conveyor market. Based on steady growth of domestic business, Fongei is aggressively developing international markets.
Chip Conveyor

Steel Belt Chip Conveyor

Scraper Type Chip Conveyor

Drum Type Chip Conveyor

Dual Belt Type Chip Conveyor

Magnetic Conveyor

Telescopic Cover

Telescopic Cover


Liquid-Chip Separator

Oil Skimmer

Oil Mist Collector

Integrated Mold
Fully Automatic
Punching Lines

Consistent Production Process

Fongei is an efficiency-enhanced company. Our product assembly line is elaborately planned
to achieve a clean and highly efficient working area. All on site personnel are not only well
trained, but also pay extra attention to every detail throughout the manufacturing process.
This ensures maximum dependability of fongei's chip conveyors. Furthermore, on-process
inspection is conducted during assembly to provide additional quality control.

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Chain Riveting

Chain Installation

Motor Mounting

Finished Assembled

Product Inspection

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